Personal Injury Basics

The phrase “personal injury” is a catch-all phrase used to describe any case that stems from someone being hurt due to the fault (or liability) of another. When a person has the misfortune to become injured because of someone else’s negligence, the law permits that victim to recover monetary compensation. Among the measures of damages that the law recognizes are:

  • Physical, pain and suffering (both past and future)
  • mental and emotional pain and suffering, anguish and trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • The cost of future medical treatment necessitated by the injuries sustained in the accident
    Any restrictions imposed on the victim’s day-to-day activities at work and/or home
  • Loss of companionship or society for a spouse or parent

Placing a fair and reasonable value on your case takes an experienced The Bronx injury attorney. Contact our experienced Hauppauge personal injury attorney to find out for free if you are entitled to monetary compensation for injuries to you or a loved one.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

The types of accidents that routinely result in negligence cases include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, such as auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, pedestrian knockdowns and many more
  • Premises liability cases, such as slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, fire safety issues, stairway accidents and other cases
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice, such as birth injury cases, failure to diagnosis a life threatening condition and surgical accidents
  • Defective products, such as car parts and children’s toys
  • Elder abuse and nursing home negligence, such as bedsore and patient fall cases
  • Construction site accidents caused by unsafe working conditions, such as collapsing scaffolds, crane accidents, falling objects and other hazards
  • Wrongful death

Standing Up for You Against a Host of Opponents

As if the pain and suffering that results isn’t bad enough, The Bronx accident victims often find themselves faced with the daunting prospect of being out of work for extended periods of time, mounting unpaid medical bills, and the frustration and humiliation of being bullied by the insurance companies and the legions of lawyers they employ.

Don’t be bullied! Call The Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates, your Nassau Suffolk injury attorneys, to fight hard for your rights. We will see to it that you are treated fairly.

To learn more, read:

  • Your claim: the total picture
  • Do you have a case?
  • It sounds like you may have a case: So what’s next?
  • Help us to help you
  • Steps to take immediately

Your Claim: The Total Picture

You probably have many questions about your accident, and how much your injuries are actually worth. Contact your Nassau Suffolk injury attorneys right away. We will be happy to help you determine the realistic value of your case and then aggressively go after those responsible to get you the money you deserve.

As an experienced The Bronx personal injury law firm, we will ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation by seeing to it that the monetary value placed on your case accurately reflects the “total picture” of your damages. We do this by factoring-in physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering (both past and future), lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and any future medical treatment that you may require.

We will also see to it that you are made aware of the tests that you will need to have now, in order to prevail at trial later.

Our detailed assessment of your case will also take into account any restrictions imposed on your normal day-to-day activities at work and home, and, if applicable, the loss of society for a spouse or parent.

Remember, we are happy to do this at absolutely no cost, or obligation.

Do You Have a Case?

In New York, in order to recover compensation for any type of injury, including a catastrophic injury, the victim must prove two things.

First, someone else must be at fault for the happening of the accident. This is referred to as “liability” and is established by showing that the accident occurred due to the negligent or careless behavior of another.

For instance, in a slip-and-fall case, this means that the fall occurred due to a dangerous, hazardous condition that the owner or occupant (such as a tenant) either caused or allowed to persist once apparent.

If, however, your injuries were sustained in a car, bus or motorcycle accident, fault is established by a showing of the negligent operation of the vehicle(s) involved. For example, if someone violated New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law (“VTL”) by running a stop-sign or red light, or by hitting another car from behind, the fault is clear-cut. Even if you were partially at fault, you may still be able to recover monetary compensation for the injuries you sustained. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.

But that isn’t the end of the story: in order to succeed in the recovery of monetary compensation for personal injuries, the injured party, or their experienced The Bronx personal injury attorneys, must also prove the specific injuries sustained.

This is done with a combination of medical records, doctor reports and diagnostic test results such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. In many instances, it also is necessary to offer the live expert testimony of the injured person’s doctor(s).

Additionally, there are many other factors that contribute to the value of a personal injury case. Things such as the length of time the victim received treatment, the frequency of care, whether the injuries resulted in surgery, the victim’s age, how much time the injured party was out of work, how much the injured party was earning at the time of the accident, and any pre-existing conditions, will all play a part in determining the total value of a personal injury case.

You need an experienced Nassau Suffolk injury attorney to let you know now whether you have a case.

It Sounds Like You May Have a Case: So What’s Next?

Unlike fine wine, personal injury cases do not improve with age! If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to contact our office immediately. The experience and know-how of your The Bronx personal injury attorney could be working for you (or a loved one) at this very moment.

YOU NEED TO ACT RIGHT AWAY. A thorough, factual investigation and the timely collection and preservation of evidence are absolutely crucial to establishing the essential link between your serious injuries and the careless, negligent acts of those responsible.

SPEAK WITH US BEFORE YOU SPEAK WITH “THE OTHER SIDE”. Until you have an experienced, aggressive legal advocate in your corner, it is absolutely crucial that you don’t speak with anyone, regardless of who they claim to be.

DON’T SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH YOUR NASSAU SUFFOLK INJURY ATTORNEYS. It is equally important that you refuse to sign anything until you contact us and we review and explain the document(s) in question, to ensure you aren’t doing anything that could ultimately hurt your case. We are always happy to do this at no cost during your free office consultation.
Help Us to Help You

As an experienced injury law firm, we know the steps to take, and we know the right questions to ask to ensure that your personal injury case is prosecuted in an aggressive, thorough, professional manner.

Over the years, we have amassed a network of well-respected experts in the fields of medicine, biomechanical engineering, accident reconstruction and forensic accounting, all of whom are available to prepare reports and render live testimony which can be crucial to the outcome of your case at trial.

We also routinely use a team of private investigators to assist us in gathering and evaluating the facts surrounding your case, identifying those responsible, and determining the amount of insurance coverage available to compensate you for your personal injuries.

Hire The Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates as your Nassau Suffolk injury attorneys and you will automatically gain access to these top-notch consultants at no cost to you.
Steps to Take Immediately

If you have been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, here are a few steps you should take immediately.

Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident.
Report the claim. If information was exchanged at the scene of the accident, call your insurance company as well as the insurance company for anyone else involved immediately. Be sure to write down any claim numbers you are given.
Take pictures of your injuries (cuts, bruises, scarring, stitches, staples, etc.).
If you have not already done so, get to an emergency room to be examined immediately so that the appropriate tests can be performed to determine the full extent of your injuries.
Contact your family doctor to get prescriptions for appropriate diagnostic testing, as well as referrals for medical specialists (i.e., orthopedist, neurologist, and/or physical therapist, etc.).
Make appointments to have for all of the appropriate diagnostic tests (such as X-rays, MRIs or CT scans) performed before too much time passes. Your doctors or other health care providers who examine you will be able to inform you which test(s) are necessary based on the symptoms you are experiencing.
Keep track of the amount of time you missed from work as a result of your injuries, as well as any lost wages.
Obtain and keep any documentation from your doctor(s) which prove that you are unable to work due to your injuries.
Keep a log or journal to document the pain you are experiencing, making sure to note all of the specific parts of your body that hurt, along with the frequency and severity of the pain.
Do not talk about your injuries on any social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Any information you post online can potentially hurt your case.
Do not post any pictures or video of you engaging in any physical activity whatsoever on these social networking sites. Click here to read more caveats.
Contact The Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates immediately to schedule a free consultation in our office or your home or hospital room.

Until you retain us to fight for your rights, make sure you do not speak to anyone about your case. We will consult with you at no cost or obligation, to see if you have a case that is worth pursuing. Then we will advise you as to the available options and give you our professional opinion as to which strategy is best suited to your particular case.

We are dedicated to advising you as to your rights under the law and we pride ourselves on keeping you apprised of the status of your case. Toward that end, you will routinely receive updates from us with any important developments as they arise throughout the life of your lawsuit.
Contact a Long Island Injury Compensation Attorney

At The Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates, we are absolutely, unconditionally dedicated to obtaining the highest possible award of monetary compensation on your behalf for your injuries.

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