Injured in a taxi accident?

With some of the busiest streets in the nation, The Bronx have numerous taxis that service the area. While most of these are licensed cabs, some are known as “gypsy” taxis and are unlicensed. Many injuries occur to both residents and visitors alike when travelling in taxis or when struck by the driver of a taxi. State laws require that taxis carry sufficient liability insurance to cover injuries caused through their negligence; however unlicensed taxis may have little to no coverage. While New York has a no-fault system of insurance, this provides only the minimum of coverages when someone is injured. To find out how best to protect one’s rights when injured in a taxi, contact a Suffolk County injury attorney from The Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates for experienced legal representation.

The firm has extensive experience in the area of personal injury law and can thoroughly examine the facts of the accident to pursue recovery for damages suffered. It is important to seek all possible information regarding the status of the taxi cab in order to determine whether there is sufficient insurance to cover medical costs and any other related expenses one may sustain in a taxi accident.

Taxi Accident Lawyer in The Bronx

With the reckless driving sometimes seen in taxi drivers, it is not unusual for a person to sustain a serious injury when either struck by a taxi or while riding as a passenger in a taxi involved in an accident. Injuries can include fractures, head, neck and back injuries, burns and others. Medical care can be costly and result in lost wages due to being unable to work. Let the professional attorneys at the firm protect one’s rights in securing monetary compensation with the extensive knowledge and experience they have garnered over the years.

Contact a Long Island taxi accident attorney if you have been the victim of an injury while riding in a taxi or being struck by a taxi.