About Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are a common cause of serious injuries to passengers in motor vehicles. They often occur due to defects in the design of the vehicle itself or due to defective tires that give way on the road. While driver error can be a cause of this type of accident, very often the rollover occurs when a tire blows out or an SUV with a low center of gravity fails to perform adequately during a turn or sudden braking. When involved in a rollover accident, contacting a Suffolk County personal injury lawyer to assist with a claim is essential in pursuing the negligent party.

Since negligence must be proven by showing defective workmanship, retaining the services of Law Office of Charles Bonfante III & Associates can greatly increase the chances of success. This type of claim can be highly complex, requiring experts in automotive design or product safety to show how the manufacturer was negligent in adequately protecting consumers from the defective product.

Rollover Accidents

The legal team at the firm has extensive experience and resources in defective product cases and can help pursue the compensation a person will need in order to recover from the serious injuries that can result from a rollover accident. As a person is often thrown violently about in the vehicle, severe injuries such as neck, head and spinal cord injuries can ensue. These types of injuries generally require long term care and can result in extensive medical costs. With the help of the firm, the attorneys will aggressively pursue the compensation needed, including medical costs, lost wages as well as pain and suffering. For a free initial consultation, contact the office today.

When suffering serious injuries caused by a rollover accident, contact a Suffolk County Rollover Accident Lawyer today.