Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

While anyone of any age may enjoy riding bicycles, it is apparent that many are children. Riding in relatively safe areas in The Bronx may provide some assurance that bicycling remains a popular activity. When a motor vehicle collides with a bicycle, the rider may face serious consequences. Wearing a helmet provides some protection if a rider falls of their bike but it may be insufficient protection from a collision with a moving vehicle. A wide range of injuries may result including cuts, abrasions, deep lacerations, broken bones, head and spine trauma. More devastating impact may cause death. In the event you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of someone else, you have rights. Getting sound legal advice from a The Bronx personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Charles Bonfante III & Associates may be a critical first step in your legal recovery.

Bicycle accident injuries may be life-threatening and will require emergency medical attention. The aftermath of such an accident may require extensive rehabilitation treatments. Long-term care may become the normal reality for you or your child. If so, you want to be confident that the best care is provided and those responsible are held accountable. Insurance companies may not offer an adequate settlement, leaving you with a lifetime filled with huge expense and cumulative loss. It is imperative to have a legal representative assist you with assessing the full scope of your injuries and related damages. The law provides for many types of compensation.

Suffolk County Bicycle Accident Attorney

Insurance companies make early settlement offers hoping to close a claim before the complete picture is in view. Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys in the firm do not collapse under pressure. They stand firm and honor the wishes of injured clients by fighting to get the maximum compensation allowed.

Contact a Suffolk County Bicycle Accident Lawyer and let the Law Office of Charles Bonfante III & Associates negotiate the claims process on your behalf.