Have you been injured by a dog bite?

Millions of Americans suffer from dog bite attacks each year, with children suffering the most from these injuries. Dog bites can cause some of the most serious and traumatic injuries possible, resulting in disfigurement, torn ligaments and nerves, broken bones and even death. The aftermath of a dog attack can leave a person not only physically scarred, but mentally traumatized as well. When your or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite, contact a The Bronx personal injury attorney to protect your rights to compensation for your injuries.

Dog bites can leave long lasting effects on a person’s life, from both the injuries and the emotional trauma. Surgery is often required to repair the extensive damage that a dog bite can cause, sometimes leading to cosmetic surgery to repair disfigurement of the face, arms or legs. Rehabilitation can take months of painful recovery. A person may be unable to work for some time during the recuperation. At the Law Office of Charles Bonfante III & Associates, their caring and dedicated personal injury lawyers can assist you and your family to get the help you need during this difficult time.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Suffolk County

The consequences of a dog bite can be costly, leaving you with large medical bills and possibly no income if you are unable to work. Facing financial burdens in addition to your injuries can be overwhelming. With the assistance of the attorneys at the firm, they will aggressively document all of your losses and pursue compensation for your future and current medical costs, lost wages and especially for the pain and suffering you have been put through due to the dog bite. The firm is committed to helping you through this trying time by obtaining recovery of all possible damages you may be entitled to