Adversely effected by a defective product?

As the global economy continues to expand, cases of dangerous and sometimes even deadly products entering the American home continue to grow. When a product is purchased from a company and taken into the home, it is expected that the consumer should have the peace of mind knowing the product has been properly tested for defects and is not a risk to them or their family.

About Defective Products

When manufacturers put out an unreasonably dangerous product to the consumer, it is considered defective. Product liability laws were put in place to entitle victims of dangerous or defective products to be compensated by those responsible for placing such products on the market. There are many defective products that have been the subject of product liability lawsuits, such as automobiles, toys, prescription drugs and general equipment or machinery. The product flaws break down to three basic categories: defects in the initial design of the product, defects in the product’s manufacturing stage, and improper instructions or warning labels for the consumer.

Fighting large corporations for compensation on behalf of consumers can be a long and difficult battle for the millions of Americans who are put in danger by defective products each year. The repercussions of a defective product can be catastrophic. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. Retaining the services of an aggressive and experienced Suffolk County personal injury lawyer is important in such a case.

When injured due to a defective product, the Law Offices of Charles Bonfante III & Associates can help identify potential negligence and attempt to recover appropriate damages for the pain and suffering subjected to due to a defective product. Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation.